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Are hot air brushes bad for your hair?

Excess beyond anything that is required can cause damage. The human body, when exposed to working beyond their limit, can experience health issues. Similarly, when hair is exposed to various external environmental factors can experience damages. Regularly, the hair has to deal with pollution, dust, sweat and various types of weather condition added to it heat treatment can cause serious harm to them.

However, if used carefully, hot airbrushes are quite effective in drying and styling different types of hair. Let us discuss how one can get benefits from using this type of brushes without causing damage to the hair.

Styling routine

Before understanding the proper use of hot airbrushes, one must keep in mind following things in terms of styling routine

  • Avoid using these brushes every day. Using it to style hair two or three times in a week is considered to be right.
  • Preferably use a heat protecting spray or serum before using these brushes

Heating up of airbrushes

Though one often feels tempted to use these brushes the moment they plug-it in, however, it is advised to allow them some time before using it. Selecting the right temperature and then using the brush once it gets heated to that temperature will save a lot of time for the users.

Dividing hair into sections

The best way to get effective result from hot airbrushes is to divide the hair into sections into equal parts. This will protect them from heat to a great extent and also helps in easy styling of hair.

Cooling down

Once each section is wrapped around the brush from the root to the tip, allow few seconds to cool down the brush before pulling it out.

All these above-mentioned precautions can help in getting the best styling result for the hair without them undergoing any harmful effect.

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