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Best hot air brush for short hair?

People who have thick and long hair has a wide variety of options for different types of hair-styles but in that not possible in the case of short hair. This type of hair restricts the number of hairstyles that you could choose form. However, with new hair beauty products coming to the market, it is now possible for women who have short hair could now try different kinds of hairstyles.

Hot air-brush is one such hair beauty products that would help those with short hair to have hair-style ranging from straight hairs  to curly hairstyles. Here are some factors that you should look-out for while selecting the best hot air-brush for your short hair.

Barrel size

Barrel size is very important as it would depend on the type of curling you would want for your hair. For women who have short hair, barrel size of one inch to 1.5 inches is considered to the best option. The size of the barrel would affect the kind of volume or lift you wanted for your hair.

Static or rotating

Women who have short fine hair are generally recommended to select hot air-brush that would be static instead. Using static hot air-brush would give you more control over the brush. It would be easy for the woman to make turn or twist on her short hair according to her choice.

Weight of hot air-brush

Hot air-brushes that are specially designed for short hair type would have to be light in weight. Light-weight would make it comfortable in the hands of the woman using it. The brush would also need to have good grip and temperature control setting for effective results.

Thus, we can say that short hair women could also use a short barrel hot air-brush for achieving her desired hairstyle. So, next time you are buying any branded brush, be sure to keep these above-mentioned points in your head.  

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