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Can brushing hair cause Hair loss?

Every person would lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. This phenomenon is known as hair shedding. If somebody starts to lose more than that limit then it would result in the thinning of the hair and your scalp would become visible. So when you’re brushing then those shredded hair come out of your hair. This falling of hairs is the natural growth process of your hairs. If the amount of hair coming along with your brush has increased then there might be some other medical conditions or factors that might need immediate medical attention.

Type of brush

It would be extremely important for you to understand and identify the type of hair you have on your head. Using unsuitable brush might become a reason why would lose some hair. Selecting the correct type of brush would not only reduce the risk of hair breakage but would also help in improving the conditions of the hair.   

Combing habit

 Proper combing habit is recommended for maintaining the health of your hair. Hair specialist would recommend brushing at least a hundred strokes in a single day through your scalp. This would increase the help in improving the blood circulation of your scalp.

But some people would turn normal combing into an aggressive combing, which is harmful to your hair. You would have to understand that your hair is extremely fragile would require extra caution while combing. This fact is especially important for those who have the coarse or frizzy texture of hair. Over-combing might also cause damage to your hairs and scalp that would lead to hair loss. Excessive combing would also cause scalps scratches that might lead to some scalp infection.

Thus, we can conclude though combing might be good for the health of your hair their some bad combing habit that might cause some serious damage to your hair. Thus, next time you are combing your hair, be sure that you are gentle to your hair strands.

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