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Can hair dryer cause damage to hair?

Most of the modern hair-dryers can be relatively safe for your hair. But any kind of mechanical manipulation regarding your hair has the slight chances of hair damage. Though using hair-dryers is consider as a good habitual action for your hair but after some time your hair-dryers might become harmful for your hair. So, it is very important to consider the quality and brand of your hair-dryers before using it.

How Hair-dryers Damage Your Hair?

The damage to the hair is done mainly done by the temperature mismanagement. When your hair is exposed to high temperatures, which is present at the root of the hair get evaporated. This would make your hair dry that might become the cause of hair loss.

Other things that might happen due to the high temperature of your hair-dryer would be damages to that are caused by high-pressure steam. When the water present inside the skin of your head gets evaporated, it becomes steam bubbles inside the skin of the scalp. This high-pressure steam could cause permanent damage to your making it brittle and weak.

How to avoid damages?

Smart use of hair-dryer would enough for you to avoid damages due to high-temperature of any hair-dryers. Here are some tips for avoiding such damages.

  • Before the usage of a hair-dryer, make sure that you have already removed excess water from your hair. This would not only be beneficial to your hairs but it would reduce the drying time.
  • Keep the temperature setting of your hair-dryer to the low-temperature setting and avoid using it at the same point for longer time duration.

Therefore, we can say that using the wrong temperature for your hair-dryer would cause damage to your hair. Thus, instead of guessing the correct temperature, use the low-temperature setting and other hair products to protect hair from any damage from a hair-dryer

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