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Can hair dryers explode?

Hair dryers are electric appliances that are used to dry your wet hair and so it is an extremely beneficial tool for your hair care needs.  Hair dryers can be made from different types of materials and they also come with manual and automatic functions.

Yes, your hair dryers can explode if you don't take proper measures to handle your dryer properly. Improper handling of dryers can lead to fatal injuries and accidents. In this article, you are going to look at why hair dryers explode if you don't use proper safety measures.

Product Defects

Many hair dryer companies don’t adhere to the hair safety standards and guidelines issued by the respective authorities. These directives are against proper voltage, issuing warnings symbols in the product and many others. Apart from that many products are defective so it is not safe to use them at the very onset.


When you are using your hair dryer constantly it can explode due to overheat applied to your dryer. You may sometimes forget to unplug our dryer from the socket which can also cause your dryer to overheat and explode.

Dryer Has Passed Expiry Date

It is important to check the expiry date of every dryer as most of them can be used for 5 years. So, when your dryer has passed its expiry date it can burst become the coils inside the dryer have wired out.

The water inside Your Dryer

The presence of moisture has a detrimental effect on your dryer as it causes a short circuit. The appliance can start to burn and catch fire even when it's switched off.  If your hair dryer falls into the water it can explode so be careful not to wet your dryer.

It is best to use the safety precautions while using your hair dryer and keeping in mind these reasons can help you to avert accidents that can be caused by your dryer.

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