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Can I apply conditioner before using hair Straightening?

Most of the women try to skip the use of conditioner in their daily hair care routine but, it is advisable to apply conditioner every time you cleanse your hair or before straightening. It doesn't matter if you have short hair, too fine hair or greasy hair; conditioner is an absolute must-have in your daily hair care routine. Conditioners can be used for detangling your hair, but one of the most significant uses of the conditioners is to reduce frizz.

Also, you can use the conditioner before straightening of your hair as it not only protects your hair from the frizz which mostly occurs after straightening, but also adds shine to your hair. Skipping your conditioner altogether not only exposes your hair to further damage but also reduces the amount of sheen and, increases the amount of frizz.

Using a good quality hair conditioner smoothens out the cuticles of the hair shaft which helps in providing softer looking smooth hair easy to detangle and style. If you don't know then, the roughness which you face right after straightening your hair is due to the frizz which occurs by skipping the conditioner. This frizz further leads to dry hair afterward due to which the hair looks extremely damaged. The heat from the flat iron leads to stripping off the natural hair oils leading to hair dry and damaged hair.

Using of a wrong conditioner can indeed make your hair greasy, limp and weigh it down, but if you choose the right conditioner according to your hair type and texture, it will not only add softness, shine, and volume to your hair, but also, it makes a layer of protection on your hair, in case if you straighten your hair.

Hence, these are some of the importance of using hair conditioner before hair straightening, as it helps in protecting your hair from excessive heat damage.

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