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Generally, all kind of heating tool might cause damage to your hair. Unless you are taking some precautionary measures, excessive or wrong use of hot beauty device could cause some permanent damage to your hair. Curling irons are also included in the list that might cause a problem your hair if they are used carelessly. Before you go through any procedure you might have to prepare your hair for it.

Preparing your hair

This considered as an essential step for any damaged hair as this preparation might give additional protection to your hair. Wash your hair with conditioner and shampoo that would clean your both your and scalp. Wait for it to get dry and apply some heat-resistant serum or hair nourishment oil and give some time to your hair to absorb these essential oils. Then comb through your hair to detangle any exiting locks on your hair.

Selection of curling iron

Selecting the proper curling iron might reduce the risks of hair damage. For example, curling irons that are considered as the best option for damaged hair would be free from any metallic component. The metallic surface might cause your hair to break due to high-temperature concentration. The best curling iron would be those which are made of either ceramics or tourmaline materials.

Ceramic is generally considered best even for damaged hair because the generated heat gets evenly distributed throughout the surface. Most of the modern curling irons have a temperature-controlled setting that allows the user to lower the temperature of the iron wand to prevent any hair damage. These modern curling irons also use special ion generators for generating negative ions, which are extremely beneficial for your hairs. Negative ions would also help in providing nourishment and to prevent any further dryness to the hair follicles of the damaged hair.

Thus, we can conclude that proper preparation and correct use of curling iron would be beneficial to your damaged hair.

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