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Hair Density

Hair density generally refers to the amount of hair that has grown on your head. Scientifically, 2200 strands of hair per square inch of your scalp are considered to be average hair density. It indirectly influences the kind of hair products that will be suitable for your hair texture and volumeIf you want to know about your hair density then you could just take a section of your hair and pull it aside to check the visibility of your scalp.

Depending on the visibility of the scalp, you would be able to identify the density of your hair. Knowing the density of your hair would allow you to make smart choices like hairstyles, clothing style, and footwear. Depending on the hair density you might be able to select the best hair products from the market.

Low hair density

You could avoid using heavy products when you have low hair density as heavy products might be harmful to your hair as well as scalp. Heavy products can make your weigh your hair down and restrict the volume of your hair from increasing. Thus, it is preferable not to use heavy hair beauty products when your hair density is pretty low.

Medium hair density

According to many hair-stylists, medium hair density is perfect for almost any kind of hairstyle. If you have medium hair density then using suitable hair beauty products, would be a pretty good idea. The regular use of hair care products and proper maintenance of hair could enhance the texture of your hair.

High hair density

If you have high-density hair, then you will be able to use heavy products which can reduce the volume of your hair while holding your curls together. Hair with high density can also trap the moisture in which can make your hair soft.

Keeping your hair healthy is very important. So, learning about your hair density can be the key if you are thinking to try different products and hairstyles.  

  1. Hair Dryers with Positive and Negative Ions

Healthy hair usually contains both the positive and negative ions at the same level. But the increased pollution damages the hair by increasing the number of positive ions. This is why many modern hair care tools such as hair dryers are being infused with negative ions, which can improve the texture of hair.

Benefits of these Hair Dryers

Hairdryers with positive and negative ions can nourish your hair in several ways. Some of these benefits are:

Light Weight

If you have longer and thicker hair, then it would take a lot of time to dry it. Your traditional hairdryer is heavy and you might feel uncomfortable while using it for some time. But the ionic hair dryers do not weigh too much when compared to a traditional hairdryer. Thus, your hands will not get tired even if you are using it for long time duration.

Drying Time

The ionic hair blowers generally work by breaking down the particles of water which accelerates the drying process. So, no matter how thick your hair is, the ionic dryers will be able to dry your hair much quicker than the conventional hair dryers.

Softer Hair

Moisture usually helps the hair to be soft. It would be easier to style your hair if it is soft. The negative ions help the moisture to lock in your hair, which the ordinary dryers are unable to do.  

Produces Less Heat

The standard blow dryers usually produce a lot of heat, which can damage your hair. But the ionic hair dryers use much less heat to dry your hair more gently.

These are some benefits which ionic dryers can provide to you. So, if you are thinking to buy a hairdryer, then opting for hair blowers with positive and negative ions can be a good idea.

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