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How long does temporary straightening last

We all love our hairs and we usually take care of but still, we face some hair breakage or split hair issues. Many of us use a hair straightener for long and silky smooth hair.

Let's find out the ways:

Hair Straightening is commonly practiced in two methods: Temporary & Permanent; where Temporary is -chemical treatment & Permanent is Chemical Treatment. Straight hairs are considered as most trendy & fashionable hairstyles nowadays, which are suited for everyday events.

First, make sure you have washed your hairs properly; remove the oil from your hairs properly because if you do not rinse the whole oil out of your hairs your might not get properly straighten.

Temporary straightening as all it all depends on what model or brand of hair straightener you are using. If you have curly & extremely wavy hairs your straightening would approx. for one or two days; if moderately wavy it will last approx. 4-5days. It also depends on which hair type. If you have already good straight hairs then they may last for more days. Even your hair remains straight until they are washed.

Whereas permanent Chemical hair straightening lasts until the hair grows out and is cut off, but it may cause damage to your hairs.

Also avoid going out in , as sun hot rays might cause your hairs up again, also even if they get wet due to your sweat would ruin your straight hairs.

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