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How often you should change your hairbrush?

Hairbrushes are very essential for keeping your hair healthy. If you are experiencing sudden hair-loss then it probably is the fault of your hairbrush. If the brushes get dirty then they can damage your hair in various ways.

How Dirty Brush can Harm You?

Dirty brushes can carry many kinds of bacteria which can harm you.  The typical smelly odor coming from your brush can indicate the infestation of germs. So, cleaning your hairbrush every day can help you to avoid various diseases caused by these germs. If you are usually quite careful about your hair and clean your hairbrush every day then the chance of your brush getting dirty is quite low.

When to Replace Your Hairbrush?

Many studies have proven that changing your hairbrush every six months is a good idea. Usually, after five to six months, the hairbrushes either get dirty or get damaged. If the bristles of the brush are bent or broken, then they can damage your scalp or rip hairs from the head.

The round brushes usually have the shortest lifespan. If you use the hairbrush while blow-drying your hair then the lifespan of it gets shorter. If you have long hair then the bristles of your hair will wear out more quickly.

So, keep a close look at any signs of damage on your hairbrush. If your hairbrush starts losing the small round balls which can be found at the end of the bristles, then changing the brush can be a good idea. Also, you should replace your brush if it starts tangling with your hair.  

A clean hairbrush can boost the health of your hair as it not only helps with the styling of your hair but also stimulates the scalp. So, doing some research before choosing the right hairbrush would help you a lot.

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