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How to Determine Your Hair Type

Determining the strengths and weakness of your mane is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the appropriate beauty hair tools and products. In fairly simple steps one can note the kind of texture and make the hair belongs.

  1. Density

By parting the hair in the middle you can come to the conclusion of how dense is your crown. If you do not see your scalp, then the hair is dense, if a bit of the scalp is seen then it's medium dense and if you clearly see your scalp with a wide divide then your hair density is thin.

  1. Hair Diameter

Wash your hair with shampoo and air dry it, then take a thread and cut it into half. Take a strand of your hair and place it side by side of the thread. With a magnifying glass compare the strand of hair with the thread. If both are thick your mane health is good, if its medium than the thread, then the hair has a medium diameter and if thinner than thread then the hair is thin.

  1. Moisture

After washing your hair and air drying it determines how long does your hair retain moisture. Feel the strands in your hand if it's still wet and sticky then they retain too much water, if medium dry, then lesser porosity and if they are almost dry then your hair retains very less amount of water after a wash.

  1. Oily

Wash and dry your hair, without using any chemicals or serum let your hair remain in this condition overnight. In the morning, take a tissue and press it on your scalp, if there is less oil residue then your hair is dry, if it is medium then your hair is a mix of dry and oily and if the tissue is soaked in natural oil then your hair is oily.

  1. Elasticity

If you take a strand of hair and pull it and it breaks easily, then your hair is less elastic and if the strand does not break off easily it is high in elasticity and a very strong mane.

  1. Curls

Take a hair strand and observe it, if it bends then it is a bit curly if it is straight then it is determined as straight hair. An S shape means it is wavy hair and if it is wired tightly, then it is kinky or coiled hair.

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