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Common ways on how to use Hair Straightener Brush

  • Hair Type: All hair types, it is suitable for all hair types, there are no such boundations. Jinri offers the wide-range of hair straightener brush that leaves no damage behind after the initial use.
  • Hair Style: To get silky even smooth hair. It flattens the rough surface and gives you tangle free tresses. You can style your hair all day long with Jinri straightener brush, style your hair girls.
  • When to Use this Brush: Usage is recommended on half air dried hair right after washing your mane. Gently hold the hair straightener brush to smooth out the ends, start from the crown to the way down. Do not use when your hair is already dried it may dry your hair always read the user manual before using.
  • Best for (which hairstyle): Lengthy silky straight hair, short straight bob, and everyday look. Even if you have long hair that's enough to get style every day.
  • Exciting Innovation: Jinri has an excellent choice when it comes to achieving your dream straight hair. The hair straightener brush is equipped with safety controls and anti-scalding technique. It also features automatic shut off after 60mins. With multiple heat settings and anti-static technology, one is assured to gain voluminous hair every day.
  • Where you can buy: You can exclusively buy from Jinri website. All the models are available. a wide range of collection.

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