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What should we apply before hair straightening?

Hair straighteners are used for straightening different types of hair. However, as a huge amount of heat is administered in the process, it can cause harm to the overall health of the hair. The following steps are quite effective in not only protecting the hair from heat but also getting beautiful straight hairs.

Step 1: Washing and drying hair

Experts believed that straighteners can work best on clean hair. Therefore, it is important to wash hair on the same day or a day before when one is planning to straighten then hair.

  • Wash hair with a shampoo and conditioner as per the hair type
  • Dry the hair with microfiber towel as they are gentle to the hair
  • Blow-dry the hair starting from the roots to the length of the hair
  • Use a paddle brush to detangle hair.

Step 2: Apply a heat protecting spray or serum

It is important to apply a heat-protecting product both before blow drying and also before straightening. This will not only reduce the harmful effect of heat on the hair but also will seal the moisture within. However, one must avoid using any heat protecting product near the roots of the hair.

Step 3: Sectioning of hair

Dividing the hair into even section before straightening can help to achieve better results. Depending on the thickness and the volume of hair, one can divide them into as many sections as required.

Step 4: Set the temperature of the straightener

In this step, one must set the temperature as per the type of hair. Using the right temperature for the right type of hair can help one to achieve the desired result effortlessly.  Once, the temperature reached the desired level, use them through each section of hair. If required, one can reduce the volume of each section to ensure that proper attention is given to each strand of hair.

It is very important to coat the hair shaft with a heat protecting product before straightening as it will protect the hair in the long-run while achieving the desired hairstyle.

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