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Which Is The Best Curling Iron For Beachy Waves?

Beachy waves are one of the most common and famous hairstyles that would suit every woman. For achieving this hairstyle, you would need a suitable curling iron that satisfies your needs and requirements. Various kinds of curling irons are present in the market with each of them having different features and functions. Here are some of the things you would have to consider while buying any curling iron for beach wave hairstyles.

Type of curling iron

Selecting the correct type of curling iron is essential if you want to achieve beachy wave hairstyles. The best options for this hairstyle would be either bubble wands or cylindrical wands. Bubble wands are specially designed for achieving this kind of hair-style. The bubble-shaped barrel would make the perfect wave for your hair.

 Another type of curling iron that could be used for creating beachy waves would be tapered curling iron. In this curling iron, you would just have to wrap your hair around the full barrel while avoiding the narrow part of the curling iron. Using the full barrel of this curling iron would give you excellent wavy hairstyle.

Temperature setting

For the wavy hairstyle, you would require a high-temperature setting curling iron. So, you would have to select a curling iron that could operate at high-temperature. Using curling iron that might have a low-temperature setting could deform your wavey hair-styles making it look bad. Similarly, medium-temperature setting curling iron might also not give you the perfect wavey hairstyles.

Barrel size

Size of the barrel is another thing that you might have to consider while buying a curling iron for wavey hairstyles. The barrel size of one inch would be for short hair and barrel size of 1.25 inches would be better for longer hairs.

From this article, you would be able to know the basic requirements of the curling iron for achieving beachy wave for your hair. Therefore, next time you’re buying a curling iron, make sure you remember these points if you want perfect looking wavey hairstyle.

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