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What causes hair textures changes?

There are plenty of internal and external factors to blame for the gradual change that you witness in your hair texture, color, and tone. One day you might wake up with medium blond hair when actually your mane was pretty blond. Let’s examine why you are facing sudden changes in your hair structure.

  1. Hormones

Hormonal changes that hit the body during puberty, pregnancy and later adulthood may cause drastic alterations in your personality. The body produces melanin, which in turn makes your hair go darker or lighter. The amino acids that help in the bonding of the structure make the hair go curly or straight when puberty strikes.

  1. Genetics

Good hair runs in the family, the genes take over as soon as you are born. If your parents have thick and voluminous hair, then it's hereditary to possess an excellent mane. You might be the envy of many for your long luscious locks.

  1. Medical and Stress-related

Hypothyroidism, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, injuries to the head, cancer, and stress are some of the medical factors that cause massive hair loss. Healthy hair is the indicator of sound health hence if you are experiencing tremendous hair loss lately it is imperative that you visit a doctor immediately for a consultation. Practice meditation and relaxing techniques to reduce the amount of stress within your body in order to gain a thick mane.

  1. Chemicals and Environment

Pollution, dust and daily getting exposed to harmful chemicals via coloring, bleaching, dyeing, curling and constant use of the flat iron can damage the hair cuticles forever. The harmful UV rays from the sun to affect the texture and make of the tresses, excessive coloring causes the hair to turn brittle, coarse and weak over a period of time. Deep conditioning is essential for the hair to stay glossy and healthy after beauty treatments.

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