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Will Jinri hair straightener work on thick curly hair?

The Jinri hair straightener will easily work to straighten your thick curly hair. Straightening thick curly hair is quite tough as it is not just a quick blow drying of the hair immediately after taking shower or just running flat iron on your hair. A proper technique is important to follow to straighten your hair.  

1st Step: Cleanse your hair

Cleansing your hair is extremely important as curly hair has a huge tendency of getting frizzed up. So it is better to shampoo your hair with an anti-frizz shampoo as well as an anti-frizz conditioner. Always use lukewarm water to wash your hair, if needed as hot water tends to strip natural oils off your hair.

2nd Step: Prepare your hair

Before the use of a blow drier, it is always recommended to properly prep your damp hair by using thermal protection spray. The heat from the blow dryers can take a huge toll on your hair due to which it is best to apply a heat protectant to prevent your gorgeous tresses from extreme heat.

3rd Step: Blow dries your hair

After preparing your hair, now you can blow dry your hair. Use a rounded brush and take a blow dryer to dry your hair. It is best if you properly section your hair using sectioning clips, this will make things easier.

4th Step: Iron your hair

Soon after blow-drying your hair, section hair into a half up and use the flat iron and iron your hair by taking small sections and work on the unclipped section of hair. Taking small sections of hair will ensure that the hair is getting properly straightened in one or two swipes. After completing with the first section, continue with the rest of the section.

5th Step: Finish up with hair spray

Finish off the work by simply spraying with hair hold spray and frizz soothing hair cream to hold your hair in space and, to add a boost of shine.

Therefore, these are some of the steps which are important to maintain diligently if you want to straighten your curly hair.

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