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Juni 20, 2019

Morning hot mess is real and we women go crazy in between drying our wet locks and finding the suitable hairstyle to gel with. How are we supposed to focus on styling the best hair day when there are so many other things we need to multi-task on in the early hours? If only we had minions to do all the work, makeup cannot take care of itself and so do our lovely mane. We all need a beauty tool that fits the definition of a woman, something that can do double work and yet stay fashionable until the end of the day.

So guess what we have found the perfect hair tool to fix all the tangled details in a jiffy. The Jinri hot air curling iron is blessed with dual modes; it works excellently as a straightener and a curler. It does not scald your scalp with overheating and remains in the range of the ideal temperature to set your lengthy hair. The ceramic build up makes sure you have smooth textured locks to last through the pollution and rough management during a hectic day.

Conventional hair fashion tools take their time to come up with beach waves; you can save your precious commute time with the Jinri curling iron. You need not switch between multiple professional tools to fashion loose curls. You can simultaneously silken any coarse strand and create a modish look to go with your outfit. Your budget will not go haywire with additional purchases of beauty tools; this one device is enough to set the hair straight for any occasion.

A big plus is it does not need enormous storage space, not in the cabinet and not even while travelling with your make-up kit. You can even conveniently carry it in your handbag for tackling rough hair on the move. It has been designed with sleek lines and a glossy finish to keep up with a touch of luxury.

Hair is a tricky thing to style since it varies in thickness and texture, simple long hair needs less heat than naturally curled tresses. This hair straightener has the capacity to work for any length and natural volume. The temperature can be adjusted while rotating the device; it has a freestyle 360-degree tangle less feature. It has an ideal setting system for different hair types, the hotness can be adjusted from 100 degrees to 220 degrees. This will prevent any accidental burns to the crown of the head or your strands. The curls fashioned out of this hot tool last longer than most of the other devices ever used.

You can place this beauty tool in an upward position without damaging the countertops and dressing tables. Your hand is well protected as its surface is heat-resistant, so no danger of superficial burns.

Fashioning a variety of curls every day with Jinri 2 in 1 hair straightener and curler will add to your fashion popularity. You will gain new admirers with each passing day, who knows you might even want to start a hair tutorial blog for the viewers who so wish to have the same silky texture and roguishly styled out hair like yours. 

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